What are Implant Supported Dentures

What are Implant Supported Dentures?
Implant supported dentures have become a life changing restoration. It is an innovative teeth replacement solution that now combines two tested technologies. As modern technology continues to advance and positively influence the dental industry this solution gives you a solution when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Let us look at both solutions separately and then bring the attributes together to give you this restoration which will have you considering implant supported dentures for your solution.
Traditional Removable Dentures
This restoration has been around for centuries and features both complete arch dentures and custom partial dentures. The key factor is they are designed to be removable. They must be taken out every evening for good hygienic reasons. Overnight you clean and soak the removable dentures and then you also need to brush your arches and your tongue. This exercise works for a full set of dentures or partial dentures, which simply use your remaining natural teeth to help secure the partial set.
The Process of Fabricating Dentures
An impression is made first of the upper or lower arch in which the denture is being designed to replace your missing natural teeth. The impression is then sent to a dental lab where an acrylic tray is custom fabricated in a natural flesh color. Artificial crowns, made from either porcelain or ceramic, are then placed into this acrylic tray. The final restoration is placed on your arch and will be held in place every day with a mild denture adhesive. Partial dentures add a metal framework and a clasp to snap the tray to your natural teeth.
The Dental Implant Solution
Having now become the industry gold standard for replacing teeth, the dental implant solution is a permanent solution and not removable. This superior solution comes with a price as it is more expensive than dentures. A local anesthetic is administered first to numb the immediate area, then a small incision will allow your dentist to drill a small hole in your jawbone. A small titanium post is inserted into this hole. After adequate healing where the post fuses and bonds to the bone then an extension is put on the post allowing for an artificial crown to be affixed to this post. This is the strongest replacement available today, allowing chewing and biting sensations to be more natural because of the artificial root.
The Combination of Both Solutions to Deliver Implant Supported Dentures
The solution combines the best of both. You begin with four or six implant titanium posts that, once fused to the bone, serve as anchors. Then the denture tray is fabricated as described above, but this version has small nylon clips that match up with the posts. The tray snaps on to the posts and you now have a restoration that combines state of the art technologies.
The Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures
The first benefit is this solution is more affordable than independent implants. The second important benefit is the stability, strength, and security of staying in place. The third is that the posts stimulate the jawbone ensuring the prolonged health of the jawbone. Biting and chewing sensations are dramatically improved as well as your speech. Finally, the life expectancy of this solution is over 20 years.