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A dental crown can be an excellent solution to restore the surface of that unsightly tooth and bring back your healthy smile.

A dental crown is a cover or cap that can be put over the visible part of your tooth. It can restore the tooth to its normal color, shape, size, and function. You may be experiencing issues with a tooth that has been damaged, or decayed, or even less aesthetically pleasing than the surrounding teeth. A dental crown can be an excellent solution to restore the surface of that unsightly tooth and bring back your healthy smile.

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What Exactly Is A Dental Crown?

When Vita Dental examines the crowns of your teeth, we are referring to just the surface of your tooth that shows above the gum-line. When part of the tooth is damaged, a dental crown is a restorative solution that sits tightly on the tooth to help protect the remaining natural tooth structure. The dental crown will be shaded to match the color of your natural teeth but can be fabricated from a variety of materials such as metal, resin, porcelain, or ceramic.

We often recommend placing a dental crown if a tooth is damaged by cracking, decay, or significant fractures. Dental crowns can also be used to improve the look of unsightly teeth or protect weak areas on the surface of the teeth.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Before Vita Dental will place your dental crown, we need to use X-rays to determine if the tooth in question has any damage below the gum line. If both the tooth roots and the surrounding gums are stable, we will remove any decayed areas of the tooth and then reshape the tooth to prepare it for the fitting of the crown.

Next, we will make an impression of the tooth which will be made as a tool for the dental lab to fabricate your dental crown perfectly. This might take about two to three weeks to complete. If necessary, we can always place a temporary crown, typically made from acrylic, to protect the reshaped tooth from any further damage.

When your new crown is completed at the dental lab, we will schedule a second appointment for the removal of your temporary crown and for the placement of the final crown. We might suggest administering a local anesthetic, so you are comfortable during this final procedure. Once we approve together the color and shape of your new dental crown, it will be cemented into place, and you have your healthy smile back.

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The Life Expectancy of a Dental Crown

The life expectancy of your dental crown can be influenced by a few different variables. If you are indeed taking good care of your teeth and gums by practicing a proper oral hygiene routine, brushing twice daily, flossing once daily, and staying away from hard foods that might crack the surface of the tooth, your dental crown could last several decades. The average life expectancy of a good dental crown is between 5-15 years, but some crowns have been known to last up to 30 years with good proper care.

Are There Any Side Effects with a Dental Crown?

The side effects are very minimal. Immediately after the placement of your new crown, you may experience some slight sensitivity in your teeth or your gums. This reaction is quite common and can be minimized by using an over-the-counter pain reliever or by a prescription medication if necessary. There are also rinses and pastes that are available to ease any discomfort of increased sensitivity.

Are There Any Future Risks?

When Vita Dental places a dental crown, it is essential for you to continue to practice good oral hygiene daily. This good habit will prevent decay and bacterial infections that can occur under the surface of the crown. Since the crown is designed to replicate your natural tooth, there will always be the possibility of cracking, fracturing, and chipping if you are eating or chewing on hard foods. This risk is there daily with your natural teeth.


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A Dental Crowns Versus A Veneer

When you discuss your dental options with Vita Dental, you may be questioning which procedure is best for your unique situation. If you have compared the options of crowns and veneers, it is important to note that these restorations differ in functionality, placement, and their purpose.

A veneer is a wafer-thin shell, usually made of porcelain, that just covers the front surface of your tooth to alter its color, size, and shape. A veneer can hide cracks, chips, and signs of discoloration. It mostly serves as a cosmetic restorative option.

If you need a dental crown usually you are interested in restoring both the appearance and the functionality of the tooth. The single biggest difference is that the dental crown covers the entire surface of the tooth above the gum line, allowing for improved functionality with more effective chewing and biting. The dental crown does include cosmetic benefits, but the primary purpose is focused on the repair of a damaged or decayed tooth.

We will discuss your treatment options at your evaluation to ensure we are choosing the correct procedure for your dental concern.

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