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Lumineers are a very thin porcelain shell that have been custom designed to fit your teeth perfectly. Each Lumineers shell is bonded to the front surface of one of your teeth, covering the visible imperfections.

Lumineers are a very thin porcelain shell that have been custom designed to fit your teeth perfectly. Each Lumineers shell is bonded to the front surface of one of your teeth, covering the visible imperfections. As a result, when you smile, you will see the Lumineers instead of the front surface of your natural teeth.

Lumineers are a revolutionary, non-invasive way to improve your teeth and get the healthy smile you desire. Made of ultra-thin, translucent layers of porcelain, Lumineers are affixed directly to your natural teeth, transforming the appearance of damaged, chipped, cracked, or unsightly dental enamel.

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When you have cracked, chipped, or stained teeth, you can keep these natural teeth and simply restore them with a Lumineers procedure. At Vita Dental, we realize the many health benefits of keeping your natural teeth intact and recommend that you consider this restoration option whenever possible.

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Consider Lumineers for Cosmetic Purposes

Lumineers are currently one of the most popular solutions for restoring defective enamel. Lumineers, and dental veneers, are used to cover enamel on teeth that have become stained or simply do not have the shine or the whiteness they once did. Lumineers, like dental veneers, are an extremely thin strip of porcelain that is placed over your natural teeth. These ultra-thin strips of porcelain can augment your teeth and make them look like there is no damage, no stains, and that they are perfectly formed and shaped. For this reason, Lumineers can be used:

  • To close any gaps in between your front teeth.
  • To alter the size and shape of your front teeth so that they are symmetrical.
  • To cover dark stains.
  • Making your teeth look uniform.
  • Giving you a bright and healthy smile.
  • Covering up a chipped tooth.
  • To improve crooked teeth.
  • To improve unevenly spaced teeth.
  • Masking discolored dental enamel.
  • Improving misshapen teeth.

Lumineers are quite unique in that they are approximately 0.2 millimeters and highly translucent. This allows them to replicate the appearance of a natural tooth. Another benefit of using Lumineers, is that they are both durable and remain resilient, lasting sometimes over 20 years. This can be longer than other dental restorations. Also, with Lumineers there are usually no shots or the need to use a dental drill.

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The Lumineers Procedure

Once you have decided to improve your smile with Lumineers, you will need to visit Vita Dental to discuss the procedure. The procedure to get your Lumineers will consist of two visits. The first visit will be your initial consultation, at which time impressions of both your upper and lower teeth will be taken along with measurements. This information is sent to the dental laboratory along with photographs and other records that document your oral health. They are then created using your specific measurements to ensure that they fit perfectly and look perfectly natural. Unlike traditional veneers, you will not need any shots since there is no requirement to remove any enamel from the teeth being treated. Also, you will not have to wear acrylic temporaries. The first visit to Vita Dental is more consultative and getting the impressions that we need in order to make sure that your Lumineers fit perfectly. Simultaneously, we will also look at the color palette and any other factors to make sure that once your Lumineers have been fitted and bonded into place, they look exactly the way you want them to. The actual placement of your permanent Lumineers will take place at your second, and final, appointment.

Because the procedure does not require any painful shots, drilling, or awkward temporary crowns, there is no recovery period after the placement of your Lumineers. You may experience sensitivity to extremely hot or very cold foods, but for the most part you can return to your regular routine right away. The only difference is that you will be showing off your healthy improved smile.

It is important to remember that your Lumineers will function exactly the way your natural teeth would. There are no dietary restrictions and as long as you continue to keep your teeth clean and healthy, they should last for years to come.


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Lumineers are Actually Reversible

An unusual benefit of Lumineers is that they are completely reversible. This is because there is no grinding down and removal of healthy tooth enamel. It is unlikely that you are going to want to go back to the appearance of your original teeth. If you enjoy a healthy smile and appreciate the value that smile brings to your self-esteem and self-confidence, then you need to consider Lumineers to replace your stained, damaged, cracked, chipped or otherwise imperfect teeth. The process is quick, the results are stunning, and the convenience factor is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing Lumineers over alternative solutions.

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