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The benefits of sedation dentistry can be substantial. One of the most obvious benefits to sedation dentistry is the extreme reduction of stress or anxiety experienced during your dental procedure.

Sedation dentistry is in reference to a patient receiving sedation during a dental procedure. There are various forms of sedation that Vita Dental may choose from, and there are also different levels of sedation dentistry. The various types and levels of sedation each have their specific benefits and are each appropriate for different situations.

Quite possibly all patients are candidates for sedation dentistry. Please discuss with our staff to see if sedation dentistry is appropriate for you. Vita Dental is proud to currently provide Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation. Our team is committed to making sure your experience at our clinic is always a positive one. It is not uncommon to feel anxious or nervous when planning to see the dentist.  Some patients become so concerned that they neglect to schedule an appointment all together, which can only result in more serious issues developing. Our goal is to educate and to make sure that your visit to our clinic is a comfortable and calming experience. We currently offer Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation options to ensure your comfort.

At Vita Dental we will always put you and your family’s concerns first. We aspire to provide to you a stress free and state-of-the-art experience. We want you to leave your appointment feeling confident in your smile and your relationship with our team. Our goal at Vita Dental is to provide a quality dental experience while you are comfortable in our calming environment. We certainly understand dental anxiety, so our team focuses on creating a relaxing space where you will leave satisfied with your dental treatment and dental procedures. Do not hesitate to call us today at 317-288-4226 with any questions you might have regarding scheduling an evaluation for the addition of sedation dentistry and join our family today!

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The benefits of sedation dentistry can be substantial. One of the most obvious benefits to sedation dentistry is the extreme reduction of stress or anxiety experienced during your dental procedure.

Sedation dentistry is beneficial because it will help reduce anxiety. Many patients put off scheduling dental appointments because the thought of having a dental procedure, even an exam, is anxiety provoking. Sedation dentistry helps alleviate these concerns.

Sedation dentistry will also remove or significantly reduce your tooth and gum sensitivity, which in turn will reduce your gag reflex.

Finally, sedation dentistry allows Vita Dental to work quicker, more efficiently and effectively, which means your procedure will be completed quicker and your dental appointment will be finished.

Procedures Where Sedation is Suggested

Certain dental procedures, such as surgical tooth extractions, root canal treatment, periodontal surgery, and implant placement are good opportunities for sedation dentistry. Along with these common procedures, the use of sedation for other treatment is oftentimes decided at the discretion of Vita Dental and you. We may decide to provide sedation for procedures that may be more intensive, or we may decide to provide sedation if you are extremely anxious.

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The Different Levels of Sedation

Currently the sedation levels available here are: local anesthesia, nitrous oxide and oral sedation.  The best option is usually paired up with the type of procedure being performed, but in general, you will be given several choices to help you feel comfortable and less anxious during your appointment.

  • Mild Sedation: If our goal is simply to relieve anxiety, then this is the preferred choice.  Mild sedation usually lessens your anxiety level but can also decrease the level of discomfort experienced.  In some cases, it can even eliminate the pain all together.
  • Medium Sedation: Medium sedation will be the better option if your procedure is more intense or invasive.  During medium sedation, you will be in a much deeper state of relaxation. It is not uncommon that amnesia can be experienced from this level.  Because of this, you will need someone to drive you home following your procedure.

The Types of Dental Sedation Available

The sedation options Vita Dental currently offers are:
  • Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide is our mildest sedation option.  It is also the most common. The process for administering Nitrous Oxide involves the use of a mouthpiece.  As we apply the Nitrous Oxide, you enter a calming and relaxed state. This process will also reduce both the anxiety and discomfort that is often associated with a dental procedure of this nature.
  • Oral Sedation: A slightly more intense form of sedation is Oral Sedation.  This involves the application of an anxiety medication to induce a deeper state of calm for you.  This effect could last past your procedure. As a result, you will not be allowed to drive immediately following the procedure.

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