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Father of 6 Wanted a Smile for Himself!

Father of 6 kids who had paid for them all to have braces and he wanted a nice natural smile for himself.  We replaced his crown and did 7 veneers. 

Smile for Senior Photos & Prom

High school junior female wanted an even natural smile for upcoming senior photos and prom.  She did not want braces.  We placed 4 veneers.

business exec disliked his old crowns

Successful business exec disliked his old crowns and flare of front teeth.  He wanted a more even, much whiter smile.  Combination of veneers and crowns were used.

He Wanted a Perfect Smile

Adult male disliked the various sizes of his teeth - he wanted a natural perfect smile, 8 veneers were placed.

Fixed Smile after Accident

After an accident that fractured her teeth.  She had a crown and 3 veneers placed.

severe tetracycline staining

Beautiful woman with severe tetracycline staining wanted the whitest straight smile she could get, We did 12 veneers.

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