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Dentures are dental restorative prosthetics that can replace your missing teeth. This tooth replacement option is very customizable and can be designed to replicate your natural teeth.

Dentures are dental restorative prosthetics that can replace your missing teeth. This tooth replacement option is very customizable and can be designed to replicate your natural teeth. They are not attached to your mouth in any way, so they can be easily removed when needed. This allows you to remove your false teeth for cleaning, and when you go to bed at night.

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As we age, our teeth and gums are just not what they used to be. In your later years you may lose your teeth. Even if you are younger, you may lose your teeth due to an accident, or poor oral hygiene. There is a solution for replacing missing teeth, even if all your teeth are missing. This option is full and partial dentures.

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Are You a Candidate for Dentures?

If you are experiencing any of the following situations you may be a perfect candidate for a denture treatment:

  • Missing the majority or all your natural teeth.
  • Experiencing severe tooth decay requiring multiple extractions.
  • The lack of bone integrity and density for dental implants.
  • Your gums are receding due to age or disease.

The Different Types of Dentures

You do not have to be missing all your teeth to benefit from dentures. There are several types of dentures available for you if you are wanting replacement options for missing teeth in multiple stages of treatment:

  • Full Sets: When most people think of dentures, they are usually referring to a complete set. If you receive a full set of dentures you are missing all your teeth from decay or damage, requiring a full mouth of replacement teeth to restore your healthy smile.
  • Partial Sets: If you still have some healthy natural teeth or are considering the possibility of dental implants in your future, you can receive a partial set of dentures. These are made to sit next to existing teeth and sit on your gums and can be adjusted and removed as dental implants are added.

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The Denture Procedure

When you and Vita Dental have determined dentures to be the best treatment to restore your smile, there are a few steps necessary to create the final product. The style and type of dentures desired for your treatment will influence the duration of the process, but for traditional full and partial dentures you can usually expect the following steps.

1. Making a Dental Impression

To ensure your dentures fit comfortably and securely on your gums, Vita Dental will need to take an impression of your remaining teeth and gums to help create your new appliance. If you require extractions of decayed or damaged teeth, we will need to wait to take these impressions until your gums are healed to reduce the risk of loose-fitting dentures due to gum swelling.

2. A Set of Wax Rims

To correctly measure the alignment of your bite, we will use a set of wax rims. When placing the rims in your mouth, we can gauge how the dentures will need to be formed to achieve a healthy bite once they are finally placed.

3. Customizing Your Artificial Teeth

At some point in your initial appointments, Vita Dental will allow you to customize your dentures. By choosing the size, shape, and color of the teeth to be used, you can achieve the exact look you have always wanted for your smile.

After gathering all the necessary measurements and details to create your dentures, we will send this information to the dental lab to fabricate your set of full or partial dentures.

4. A Trial Fit

To help you get used to your new dentures, we will create a plastic and wax mock-up set to give you an idea of how they will look and feel. This trial helps us make small adjustments needed to the fit and shape of the dentures before creating the final set.  

5. Your Final Fitting

When the mock-up set has been approved, the dental lab will create the final full or partial denture set for your treatment. You will return to Vita Dental for your final fitting to make any last-minute adjustments needed before sending you off with your new smile. The final set will be constructed using porcelain crowns and a strong acrylic base. We want your dentures to feel comfortable and secure before leaving this appointment to prevent any discomfort or soreness.

6. A Check-Up Appointment

A check-up appointment might be advantageous if you feel uncomfortable with the fit of your dentures. Tight or loose-fitting dentures can cause gum sores and swelling, discouraging you from wanting to wear them daily as needed. Making an appointment with Vita Dental at the first sign of a problem is essential in avoiding discomfort and helping your mouth get used to the dentures quicker.


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Proper Care for Your Dentures

Because dentures are not surgically inserted into your mouth, there is minimal discomfort expected with a proper fit. It is common for upper dentures to feel tighter, with lower dentures fitting looser. There are multiple adhesive products available for keeping dentures tightly in place. If you are experiencing loose-fitting dentures that are causing sores, you will likely need to see us for a small adjustment.

You should expect to wear your dentures during waking hours, and then remove them at night for proper cleaning. You will brush them, brush your gums, and then soak the dentures overnight. You may find the hardest adjustment when starting to wear your dentures is getting into the habit of wearing them every day. It is important to be patient during this transition and to remember your dentures will feel more natural the more they are worn daily.

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The entire team at Vita Dental is confident that you will be comfortable in our caring and comprehensive office. As you walk through our front door, we will treat you like family because you are both our friends and our neighbors. We focus our efforts on providing you exceptional, high quality dental care in a relaxing environment. Give us a call today at 317-288-4226 with any questions regarding a full or partial set of dentures, or any concerns you might have.

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