Invisalign Alternatives

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Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular solution for straightening the teeth and treating various conditions such as bite issues. In addition, Invisalign is far less visible compared to traditional braces. As with anything, there are some disadvantages. For example, the treatment costs an average of $5,000. With the growing interest in this convenient teeth straightening solution, there are now several providers who do not require a visit to the dentist. This article will review some of the top alternative treatment options to Invisalign.

While Byte is relatively new to the industry, they have quickly proven to have incredible effectiveness and convenience. Many argue Byte is the best solution for at-home aligners. They provide patients with extremely quick treatment times, averaging about 3 months in total. The quick solution is offered without compromising on customer service or quality. This solution is optimal for mild-to-moderate cases and treatment costs about $1,895.

Most at-home aligners do not come close to the results offered by Invisalign, however, among the companies offering at-home aligners, Candid reportedly provides one of the most effective solutions. Candid delivers top-quality products along with a safe and effective treatment. In fact, they are the only at-home aligner company to offer patients a monitoring service. This allows an orthodontist to monitor the progress and treatment plan. Candid is idea for treating mild-to-moderate cases and costs $2,400.

While at-home teeth aligner solutions are affordable, AlignerCo takes it to the next level. This new company offers patients the lowest price along with multiple financing plans. AlignerCo does not provide the same level of convenience compared to other providers, however, the extremely low price can definitely make up for the difference. AlignerCo is ideal for mild-to-moderate cases and costs $1,145 for treatment.

SmileDirectClub is arguably the most well-known and largest home aligner company, second only to Invisalign. The company offers extremely convenient treatment in addition to 300+ physical SmileShops located all over the country. The company boasts correcting over a million smiles to date. Similar to the competitors, this solution is optimal for mild-to-moderate cases and treatment costs $1,950.

The only direct competitor to Invisalign for an in-office clear aligner solution is ClearCorrect. A dentist oversees and develops the ClearCorrect treatment plan, giving them the ability to add attachments or additional appliances as needed for more complicated cases. ClearCorrect was founded in 2006, meaning they have a proven track record of being reliable and delivering quality results. This treatment option can be used for moderate-to-severe cases and costs an average of $3,000, making it more affordable than Invisalign.

Six Month Smiles
Six Month Smiles combines the timeframe of at-home aligners and combines it with the oversight and involvement of a dentist. Six Month Smiles treatment plan is managed by a dentist and includes in-office visits throughout the treatment plan. Similar to the at-home aligners, the treatment is completed in about 6 months. The company began offering clear braces to patients, but now offer clear aligners too. This can be an excellent solution for patients with a minor alignment issue who is also looking for a short treatment time combined with oversight from a dentist. This is best for mild-to-moderate cases and costs an average of $3,500.

At-home clear aligners can be an excellent and affordable treatment option for cases which are mild to moderate. These solutions allow patients a solution with a lower price tag, but effective treatment solution which is completed in the comfort of your home.

For cases which are more severe or complex, at-home treatments may not work. ClearCorrect or Six Month Smiles may be an excellent alternative to Invisalign and more affordable solution.