Implant Supported Dentures vs Conventional Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures vs Conventional Dentures
Traditional or conventional dentures have been a viable solution for teeth restoration for many years. Modern technology has improved the final product to continue to make them as natural as they possibly can be. Innovative technology has also given us a new solution as of late, and that is dental implants. Now this technology has been introduced into implant supported dentures. There are some noticeable differences between the two solutions. We will identify the two processes first then call out the benefits for one over the other.
The Conventional Denture Procedure
After the teeth have been completely removed an impression is made of the arch that is being restored. Keep in mind you might have dentures on a top arch but not on the bottom arch. This impression is then sent to a dental lab where a natural-colored acrylic tray is fabricated to sit right on that arch. Artificial crowns are now placed into the tray. These are created with either porcelain or ceramic. With a mild denture adhesive, the tray sits snuggly on the arch, and you now have removable replacement teeth.
The Procedure for Implant Supported Denture
Dental implants have now become the new gold standard for teeth replacement but are costly. The implant process begins with the administration of a local anesthetic. Once your gums are numb a small incision allows access to your jawbone. A small hole is drilled into the jawbone into which a small titanium post is inserted. After the post has had adequate time to fuse and bond to the bone, an abutment or extension is added to the post and an artificial crown affixed to this extension. This gives you a strong, permanent, stable, and secure replacement for a single tooth.
The implant supported denture will use several titanium posts, usually four or six, to support the acrylic tray. The tray is then created with nylon snaps on the back side to clip to each post. These dentures will give you a removable replacement with the strength and stability of the implant.
The Differences between the Conventional and the Implant Supported Denture
The biggest difference is the cost. A conventional denture for one arch may cost somewhere between $1,300 to $3,200. With the addition of the implant anchors, you now will start at $7,000 and go up. Here are some major differences that you can weigh into making your decision.
* Life Expectancy- A traditional set of dentures will last about five to eight years. The implant supported dentures will last over 20 years.
* Comfort- Conventional dentures are secured in place with a mild adhesive and can rub against the gums causing discomfort.
* Strength and health- No comparison here. The implant supported dentures not only improve biting and chewing sensations but also your speech. They are also greatly beneficial in ensuring stronger jawbone life. The stimulation prevents the jawbone from atrophying.
Consider these major differences when researching your teeth restoration options. Consult with your dentist and consider your lifestyle and age as well as the budget. A healthy smile is quite difficult to assign a value to.