How Long Do Implant Supported Dentures Last

How Long Do Implant Supported Dentures Last?
Implant supported dentures is the unique combination of two teeth restoration solutions. With innovative modern technology, this collaboration now brings many added-value benefits at a higher cost. One of the primary benefits is a much longer life expectancy than conventional or traditional dentures. We will quickly review both procedures, explain the cost difference, and then conclude with the benefits that make this solution worth the investment.
The Conventional or Traditional Denture
A restoration solution that has been applied for many years, the procedure begins with an impression made of the arch, either upper or lower, which is missing the natural teeth. This process can be used for all missing teeth or if some natural teeth remain. The impression then goes to a dental lab where an acrylic tray is fabricated to sit firmly on your arch. Created in a natural, flesh color it is then fitted with all the artificial crowns that are needed. The crowns are made from either ceramic or porcelain. By applying a mild denture adhesive, the tray rests on the arch and you now have new teeth.
The Implant Supported Denture Process
A dental implant has become the new gold standard for a tooth replacement. This innovative technology features a small titanium post that is surgically inserted into your jawbone. A simple procedure, the post will need time to fuse and bond with the bone making it then act like an artificial root. An abutment or extension is added to the post to reach the surface of your gumline. Now an artificial crown is affixed to the post. You now have a tooth restoration that looks and acts and just like a natural tooth.
The implant supported dentures combines both methods. After an examination and consultation identifying your situation, you will have four or six titanium posts surgically placed. Once these posts have integrated, extensions added, the acrylic tray with the artificial crowns is added. The back, or underside, of the tray now has perfectly placed nylon clips, which snap on to each post, securing and stabilizing the tray.
The Benefits and the Cost Difference
A traditional set of dentures can cost between $1,300 to $3,000 per arch. An implant supported denture might start at $7,000 per arch and could run as high as $30,000 per arch. The added benefits can help you assign value as you do your cost analysis. The primary benefit is life expectancy. A traditional set can be expected to last five to eight years. An implant supported set will last over 20 years. Now you can do the math on the difference. A conventional set of dentures can become uncomfortable at times while it relies on the adhesive. With the implant supports you have a far stronger replacement. This will be evident through your bite, your chewing, and even your speech. It also provides another unseen, long-term benefit, and that is the prolonged health of your jawbone. The implanted posts stimulate the jawbone stopping any atrophy, which will now retain the shape of your face, and affect the quality of your smile. Your smile is an asset that is so difficult to assign a value to.