Holistic Dentistry

Biological dentistry is another name for holistic dentistry; both refer to the practice of taking a person’s overall physical and emotional health into consideration before proceeding with a treatment plan. This type of dentist in fishers indiana uses a combination of natural and conventional therapies to prevent, diagnose, and treat oral diseases.

How did it come about?

The treatments used by dentists to treat conditions and diseases are now known to include toxic elements. Dentists use an amalgam which is composed of over 50% mercury; this metal damages the nervous system and immune system. Typically people do know how much mercury is in their filling or dental bridge. In 1978 a group of holistic dentists formed the Holistic Dental Association; this association works to educate the public and support dentists.

What are the risk factors in traditional dentistry?

Because most American adults are not aware that dental amalgam is the main source of mercury exposure and once exposed to mercury, it can remain in your body for up to a year. Even worse, if the mercury used in the dental treatments are not disposed of properly, then the mercury can leach into the environment. When mercury and other heavy metals end up in the water supply, wildlife can be negatively implicated and then the effects ripple across the food chain. Mercury also accumulates on dental supplies so if the cotton swabs and gauze are not disposed of properly, they can end up in the regular trash and in the local environment.

How is holistic dentistry different from traditional dentistry?

Like a good doctor who is looking at all systems in your body before making a diagnosis, a holistic dentist looks at your whole body to determine the best treatment plan for your dental condition. When dentists look beyond your teeth and gums, the dentist can start to make more helpful preventative care. You already know the basics of good oral hygiene, so the dentist can take the time to work with you on better nutrition, quitting smoking, and moderating alcohol consumption.

Not all holistic dentists agree on using fluoride; some dentists believe it to be problematic long term without preventing tooth decay. They argue that fluoride can increase your risk of cancer and lead to bone degenerative diseases. Some other holistic dentists may be against fluoride in the water supply.

Another major opinion of holistic dentists is to avoid performing root canal therapy. Long term health effects can result from the chemicals in the sterilizing agents and the possibility of bacteria becoming trapped in the canal during or after the procedure.

Holistic dentists do use fillings to treat cavities, but they do not use any metals including amalgams and nickel. Those dentists may even encourage you to replace your existing metal fillings with a different material like a composite resin.

Digital x-ray equipment is often used by holistic dentists because it exposes the patient to significantly less radiation.

How do you find a holistic dentist?

Take a moment to review the Holistic Dentist Association list of holistic dentists in your area.

How often visit dentist?