Fix Canker Sores

Fix Canker Sores
Few health issues bother you as much as a canker sore in your mouth. This little sore has a high potential to cause pain, harming the diet of those who face the problem. Other affected areas are communication and even sleep.
What are canker sores?
Canker sores are small ulcers that affect the mouth area, including the tongue and other areas. The term “ulcer” is usually associated with problems in the intestine or stomach, but the truth is that this is a generic name given to any type of wound that affects tissues such as the skin or mucous membranes. Therefore, it is possible to develop:
* canker sores on the lips;
* canker sore on the tongue;
* thrush on the mucosa.
Another name given to the cold sore is “recurrent aphthous stomatitis”. This problem is well known because of its frequency in the population and, of course, the painful symptoms that can affect the routine of affected patients.
What can cause a cold sore in the mouth?
Hormonal changes
Changes in hormones are among the main causes of the appearance of canker sores. Pregnant women, for example, are susceptible to dealing with these issues. This is a problem that can appear during the menstrual cycle, both while menstruation is present and before.
The term trauma is associated with blows, bruises and the like. Therefore, it is common for canker sores to appear after accidentally biting the mouth or eating a more rigid food, which causes an injury to the mouth. Remember that the act of brushing your teeth too hard can also injure the oral cavity.
Nutritional deficiencies
When we don’t have the proper nutrition, we can also have canker sores. According with the doctor. Vicente, the lack of iron, B vitamins (especially B12), zinc levels and others can generate this type of problem. Also, a warning: these deficiencies are not always just related to an inadequate diet. Issues such as alcohol intake or drug abuse have a certain relationship with our nutrition.
Do you consider yourself a stressed person? So, know that the occurrence of recurrent canker sores in your daily life may be associated with your emotional state.
In addition, other factors can also contribute to the appearance of canker sores, such as:
* food hypersensitivity;
* smoking;
* use of some medications, such as captopril, losartan and naproxen;
* genetics, something common in more than 40% of patients.
Are canker sores contagious?
No! Canker sores are not a disease caused by agents such as viruses, so they are not contagious. They are a problem caused by an organism response to some factor unique to that person.
How to treat canker sore in the mouth?
Use of ointments and solutions
The use of topical medications (that is, applied to the lesion) is one of the main approaches to dealing with canker sores. Some of the products used are chlorhexidine and triamcinolone acetonide.
Use of other medications
In addition, many people benefit from the use of other medicines for so-called supportive care. In this case, analgesics and sometimes antipyretics are prescribed, as some patients may have a fever.
Laser therapy
Laser therapy is a technique that promotes tissue regeneration and healing. Therefore, it can be a great ally for those who suffer from canker sores. In this case, the applied laser is of low intensity, promoting only a slight action in the affected area. The procedure is safe and very practical.
Daily hygiene
Daily hygiene is extremely important, preventing the proliferation of bacteria that usually aggravate the case of canker sores. Other than that, avoid any product with alcohol in its composition (such as some types of mouthwash) r other very strong ingredients, as it can cause pain.
Home treatments
Some at-home approaches are harmless and can be used to help you deal with the pain until you see your dentist.
* honey : great antiseptic, moisturizing the mouth and relieving discomfort;
* clove : fights germs and helps with healing;
* salt : it is a great antiseptic and helps in healing;
* ice : helps decrease inflammation and relieves pain.
* Avoid very acidic foods
Is it possible to prevent canker sore in the mouth?
Some practices help us to prevent canker sores, such as:
* avoid cigarettes;
* avoid alcohol and other drugs;
* have a balanced diet;
* reduce stress in everyday life;
* do a gentle brushing, using toothbrushes with soft bristles.
Why is it important to see a dentist?
The dentist can identify the cause of the cold sore and refer you to other professionals in order to obtain multidisciplinary care, which can involve psychologists, doctors and nutritionists. In addition, a dentist can prescribe medications in the ideal dosage to solve your problem individually.