Emergency Dentist for Child

Emergency Dentist for Child
When your child is experiencing a dental emergency, you want to do everything you can to help quickly. However, the first thing everyone will say is “don’t panic” while saying that nevers works, it is the best advice. You want to take a deep breath, and follow your instincts.

If your child is in pain, bleeding, crying, or unresponsive, call 911 immediately. The best thing to do is follow the advice of the highly trained medical staff. In the case of bleeding, the best thing to do is apply a cold compress to the area while you assess the situation and make the call. Ensure nothing is obstructing your child’s airway and keep them as comfortable as possible.

If the situation is an emergency, but less dire, your child may simply be in severe pain or have a deeply infected root. In this case, you will want to call the Dentist immediately. If you call them after hours, there will most likely be advice for what to do in an emergency. Typically you either call a direct number, or head to a nearby ER with emergency dental services.

What conditions may cause an Emergency Dental visit for your Child?
Some of the most common causes are as follows
* Emergency Root Canal- Children’s dental hygiene routines are underdeveloped. They are not as aware or active about checking for cavities, redness or inflammation, or bleeding. They could have had a bacterial infection in the gums progress to the point that the root is severely inflamed, causing major headaches and pain. This sudden rush of blood to the head may cause them to cry and scream, without an understanding of the underlying cause.
* Broken or Damaged Tooth Extraction- Children’s teeth are underdeveloped and fragile, we are meant to lose them. It makes it more painful when they break, or a sharp piece penetrates the gumline. Sometimes the problem may need to just be removed early, to save the health of the rest of their teeth.
* Severe Infection- Dental infections can make your child sick, giving them fevers, headaches, chills; or worse. Sometimes your child may just need a course of antibiotics, or a combination of medication and care.

What to do after an Emergency Dental visit for your child
Begin by teaching them about what happened. Was it an infection? Teach your child about dental health and what happens over time to their teeth. Take this as an opportunity to educate them on their whole health, and begin a process that they will keep with them for their whole lives. If they were administered medicine, make sure you understand how much they are required to take and for how long the course lasts. If they received surgically treatment care for the wound and watch for signs of further infection. Make and attend follow up appointments with a dental professional, and follow their advice. Ask any questions you may have at these appointments. You made it, emergencies happen, and all we can do is follow our best advice–don’t panic.