Cleaning Implant Supported Dentures

Cleaning Implant Supported Dentures
The health industry recommends earnestly that we brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes each time and to also floss once a day. The exact same good oral hygiene habits need to be applied with either your natural teeth or replacement teeth. The bacterium in our mouth has a constant presence and if not managed will continue to create damaging plaque. This plaque can still cause gum disease even though you have replacement teeth. Let us first look at the implant supported denture procedure, the wonderful benefits that come with this solution and then how you should deliberately clean your dentures daily.
The Procedure in Getting Implant Supported Dentures
The dental implant has become the new gold standard for replacing one tooth. A local anesthetic numbs the immediate soft tissue, a small incision is made and then a small hole is drilled into the jawbone. Then a titanium post is inserted into that hole. Once this post has had time to fuse and integrate with the bone an abutment or extension is added to reach the surface of the gumline. An artificial crown is affixed to the post extension, and you now have a replacement tooth that looks and performs naturally.
The implant supported denture begins with this process. An evaluation will determine whether four or six titanium posts will be implanted into your jawbone. After the necessary healing time and the extensions added, a conventional, flesh colored acrylic tray with artificial crowns will now sit on your arch and those posts. The underside of the tray will have four or six nylon clips that snap on to the post extensions. You now have a restoration solution that delivers the benefits of two combined methods.
The Benefits of Choosing This Teeth Replacement Solution
The implant supported dentures can come at a much higher initial cost, but they also will come with a considerably longer life expectancy. Instead of a traditional set lasting five to eight years they can now last over 20 years. The traditional set can become uncomfortable at times. The implant posts not only ensure a solid fit but strength and security as well. This strength will be appreciated with your bite, your chewing, and even your speech. The implants also promote the health of your jawbone by stymieing atrophy.
Good Daily Oral Hygiene Practices with Implant Supported Dentures
These dentures are designed to be removed every evening. It is healthier for your gums. With the dentures removed you should brush your gums to remove any damaging particles and potential plaque. Then you should brush the dentures. Plaque will adhere to these artificial crowns just like natural teeth. It will also help prevent staining of the artificial crowns. They should spend the overnight submersed in a denture cleaning solution or even plain water. If not kept wet the tray can warp.
You should also continue the good habit of having regular exams twice a year. This allows your dentist to inspect the wear and tear on the restoration, to change out any worn nylon clips and monitor the condition of your gums.