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Dental Extractions

At Vita Dental, you’ll often hear us talk about the importance of preserving your natural teeth. With procedures like root canal therapy and dental crowns, we are usually able to keep your original tooth, which is always our goal. However, sometimes, the best course of action is, in fact, a tooth extraction. Moreover, we will always advise you on what is best for your smile and overall oral health. 

Tooth extraction can be useful and necessary in many situations:

  • If decay or trauma has damaged your tooth beyond our ability to preserve it, we may suggest a removal combined with a tooth replacement.
  • If your smile is under much stress from crowded teeth, the safest option aside from orthodontics may be to remove a problematic tooth. This is often why we remove wisdom teeth!
  • In situations that require artificial replacement teeth, we can place a dental implant and restore your tooth with a dental crown or bridge.

Anxiety-free tooth extractions

Even though a tooth extraction procedure is routine, and we ensure the area is numb before we begin, it is completely normal to feel some dental anxiety regarding your tooth removal. We have designed our office to be as low-stress as possible, with private operatories, to minimize your nervousness. If you need more help to relax, that’s fine! We completely understand. At Vita Dental, we provide several sedation options that can safely calm your nerves, including oral sedation and IV sedation.

What are the main reasons to have a tooth extraction?

Unrestorable. We are not able to fix, repair, or restore the tooth.

Financial Reasons. Sometimes the investment of repairing your tooth is greater than you can afford. Other times, the long-term prognosis of your tooth is not good enough to make the financial investment worthwhile in the first place.

Baby Teeth. Sometimes your baby teeth don’t fall out in time to allow permanent teeth to come in.

Lack of Space In the Mouth. Patients who are getting braces may need to have one or more teeth removed in order to make room for other teeth to be moved into place.

Wisdom Teeth. They are also known as third molars in the dental world. Your wisdom teeth can be extracted before or after they come in. They usually erupt during your late teens or early 20s.

What are the different types of tooth extractions?

There are multiple types of tooth extractions depending on the position of your tooth that needs to be removed and how difficult it is to loosen and remove.

Simple Extraction. If your tooth has erupted and can be seen in the mouth, our team can usually perform a simple extraction.

Surgical Extraction. If your tooth has broken off in the gum or has not come into your mouth, a more complicated extraction, known as a surgical extraction, may be necessary. In this scenario, we may refer the patient to an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to have the tooth extracted.

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